Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How does it work?

You will receive your content weekly via email, and you can cancel at anytime!

Can I upgrade?

Yes, you can upgrade to receive 3 articles and 3 custom images per week for just $59 per month.​

Why should I use Key Realty Content?​

Using a consistent content marketing plan maximizes your benefit from search engines which reward sites for original content.

  • Faster Than Doing it Yourself
    Ask yourself how long it would take you to research each content project, gather materials for each, and write each piece of content.  Save yourself the trouble with Key Realty Content’s article writing service.
  • Get More Leads
    What’s the point of being in business? To make a profit, of course. Outsourcing some of your regular content, like blog posts and articles, can help you get more leads and sales than you could get if you created all the content on your own.
  • Establish Expertise
    By using Key Realty Content, you take advantage of our team of independent writers creating content that help you appear on the cutting edge, building credibility and thought leadership.
  • Custom Articles at Affordable Prices
    Our service delivers high quality, well researched articles on time and at affordable rates. All articles are verified through Copyscape to ensure against plagiarism.
  • You Own All Rights
    You can publish, reuse or edit the content any way you like allowing you to take advantage of all the expertise-building and time-saving benefits of outsourcing.

Why 3 articles per week?​

One to two articles per week is the minimum to maintain freshness and relevancy to your visitors and to search engines. With an extra article provided each week, you can choose to use the ones that are most appealing to your client base…or you may decide to use all of them.​

Who writes the articles?​

We rely on United States based independent writers who have an established reputation of high quality work. Fresh, original content that’s relevant and informative will draw in your prospects. All articles are checked with Copyscape.

Are there setup fees or any other charges?​

No. Your subscription is month to month and can be canceled at any time. 

Can I add by own branding?​

Yes! For example you may want to add your contact info, pictures, logo, etc. to further build your brand awareness. 

Do all customers receive the same articles?

The low monthly cost allows the content to be original, not custom. You own it and are free to carve it up, add more content to it, brand it with your name, etc. in whatever way best fits your marketing strategy…all without having to give credit to the original writer. Thereby, saving you tons of time so you can focus on selling rather than writing.

Statistically, clients are loyal to one agent therefore, there is little chance of seeing the same content, used in the exact same way and at the exact same time from another agent.

For example, let’s say you are in Denver and signed up for the service on Jan 1st.  And let’s say an agent in Houston also signed up on Jan 1st. But, let’s go a step further and say you posted one of the articles in your weekly blog. And, the Houston agent, decided to use a snippet from one of the articles to use as a Facebook post. Seeing duplicate content is not likely because you are in different states, have different clients, are posting the content in different media channels and are uploading the content at different times.

However, if you are interested in receiving custom articles or reserving exclusive geographical areas via zip code selection, please contact us for pricing.